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As the leading IPTV provider in the world, IPTVOnline24 has gained a mass amount of subscribers and continues to excel in its growth past in the last few years.Slowly becoming a household name in the IPTV streaming industry, it’s because we’re dedicated and passionate about what we do

  • 9600 Channels
  • 16900 Videos On Demand
  • 41 Countries
  • 24/7 Support

If you need more help

If you have any questions or inquiries that you want to ask us, you can contact us through the social media provided below.

  • For Mag device & STB Emulator
  • Portal:  http://iptvonline.ca:6969/c/  OR http://iptvonline24.net:6969/c/ OR  http://iptvonline24.com:7899/c/personalizekey (Will be provider by IPTVONLINE24)
  • For IPTV Smarters
  • For : Android box
  • Please download our APP for free

Now what we are going to do is go ahead and enter your USERNAME and USERNAME in the Username and Password section.
If you don’t have username and password please register from our Website: https://iptvonline24.ca. We will send a free trial test for 48hours.
After that, you just need to click on the LOGIN button and wait for a second.

  • For : KODI , smart tv , VLC , tsmedia, android box, webtv(spark),computer, phone via media players …etc
  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts


  • http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8


  • http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8

For : install throught ssh command

  • wget -O /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh “http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=enigma22_script&output=ts” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh


  • wget -O /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh “http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=enigma22_script&output=ts” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh

For : Truman, Golden media, and all device with spark system

  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=spark&output=ts


  • http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=spark&output=ts

For : Geant, starsat , tiger and all devices accept cfg file type>

  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=gst&output=ts


  • http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=gst&output=ts
  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=simple&output=ts


  • http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=simple&output=ts
  • http://iptvonline24.net:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=webtvlist&output=ts


  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969/get.php?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD&type=webtvlist&output=ts
  • http://iptvonline.ca:6969
    Username: USERNAME
    Password: PASSWORD
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