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In 1944, Major Baldwin (James Stewart) is ordered to blow up an airfield. Headquarters in Kunming orders him to then use his pre-war engineering expertise to delay the advancing Japanese forces as much as possible while retreating, but General Loomis (Alan Baxter) gives him the option to just return to base. Baldwin makes the riskier choice to have his first command. Loomis is reluctant to let him, due to his inexperience as a commander, but relents.

The Mountain Road

Director: Daniel Mann
Imdb:   7.1

The Mountain Road is a 1960 war film starring James Stewart and directed by Daniel Mann. Set in China and based on the 1958 novel of the same name by journalist-historian Theodore H. White, the film follows the attempts of a U.S. Army major to destroy bridges and roads potentially useful to the Japanese during World War II.

  • 1960
  • 1 h 02 min
  • Action


Actor and screen credits:

James Stewart as Major Baldwin
Lisa Lu as Madame Su-Mei Hung (film debut)
Glenn Corbett as Collins
Harry Morgan as Sergeant Michaelson
Mike Kellin as Prince
Rudy Bond as Miller
Eddie Firestone as Lewis
Frank Silvera as Colonel Kwan
James Best as Niergaard
Alan Baxter as General Loomis
Leo Chen as Colonel Li
P. C. Lee as Chinese general
Richard Tien Te Wang (uncredited)
C. N. Hu (uncredited)

Official trailer:

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